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Learner / Author / Speaker on Parenting NLP & Leadership
Personal Life Coach Psychotherapist

As a graduation from Faculty of Law Udayana University,  Ahmad Rosadi Lubis has passion in leadership and business development. He also has very good skill at human development.

As a trainer, he actively spoke in class, training classes and seminars are held in public training or in house training. Whether in government institutions, national companies and multinationals companies.

His experience of training and developments are shown below :

  • Trainer for Team Building Program
  • Trainer for Facilitation Skill: Developing Extraordinary Trainer
  • Trainer for Adventure Program
  • Instructor Outdoor Activities
  • Trainer for Service Quality Workshop
  • Experienced in designing and implementing various program based on Experiential Learning

Working experiences in business
and leadership

  • Head Trainer of Inner Peace Institute
  • Director of PT. Cahaya Bali Visioner
  • Associate Trainer at PT. TRUSTCO Cipta Madani
  • Head Trainer of Inner Peace Institute
  • Director of PT. Cahaya Bali Visioner

Who Is The Bang Lubis
Certification Program For ?

His skills and competencies has been approved and certified by
national and internasional institutions as follows :

  • Int’l Certified Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NFNLP – USA)
  • Certified NLP Coach (NFNLP – USA)
  • Certified Sales Development Program (Insight Institute – Indonesia)
  • Certified Transpersonal (IACH – Indonesia)
  • Certified ESQ Leadership Program (Indonesia)

Learn From Teaching Team And
The "Influential Leadership Expert"


    Ada satu asumsi yang cukup populer dikalangan NLPers yaitu "The MAP is not the TERRITORY" , sebagai sebuah methapore bahwa apa yang ada dalam pikiran...

    Belajar NLP itu artinya kita sedang belajar bagaimana manusia berfikir. Kita sudah pernah membahas tentang MODALITAS yaitu 5 pintu masuknya informasi kedalam pikiran manusia, biasa...

    Ketika seorang ada seorang pria datang ke rumah seorang wanita, ia hadir membawa keluarga dan semua yang ada pada dirinya. Datang dengan niatan ingin menikahi...

Bang Lubis's Books

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